• Engineered for use with digital ballasts

    Engineered for use with digital ballasts

  • Horizontal and Verticle operation

    Horizontal and Vertical operation

  • Finely tuned for maximum PAR

    Finely tuned for maximum PAR

The Digilux Advantage

Digilux Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs are favored by growers because of their wide color spectrum, efficiency, and extreme lumen output. They are engineered for use with all digital ballasts and feature enhanced spectrums, longer bulb life, and less lumen depreciation. Digilux high quality arc tubes are built to withstand the rigorous performance requirements that digital ballasts demand.

Digilux bulbs are made to the highest industry standards, are universal, and can be used in both vertical and horizontal fixtures. They offer superior performance compared to all other MH and HPS bulbs and are finely tuned for maximum PAR light production, giving your plants the light they deserve. Digilux High Pressure Sodium bulbs deliver 25% more energy in the red and orange spectrums. The Metal Halide bulbs deliver 25% more energy in the blue and violet spectrums.

HPS Spectra Chart

Digilux HPS Lamps

Digilux High Pressure Sodium Lamps deliver more of the orange/ red spectrum, which is ideal for most plants in the flowering/bloom stage.

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DE Spectra Chart

Digilux DE Lamps

The Digilux DX1000DE double-ended HPS lamp combines high efficiency with superior lamp life expectancy. Its 2000K color temperature and 2100 µmol/s PAR rating make it an excellent choice for any application where high intensity DE sodium lighting is called for. 140,000 lumens (@100 hours) and 10,000-hour rated life.

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